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Creating Clarity...

Hi, my name is Sophia and I'm happy you're here!

I am an environmental and wellness advocate with a passion for creating beautiful, organized spaces. Ever since I was little I have been fascinated with how our surroundings can affect mood, stress, and overall quality of life. From re-arranging closets, to driving my mom crazy with organizing our house; keeping even our smaller home in order was a constant struggle. It wasn't until I began researching and developing my own organizing systems based on mindfulness, simplicity, and sustainability, did I find true Clarity was possible.


My professional journey began in the world of Interior Design, where I experienced the power we have to change our environment and bring ideas to life. While obtaining my B.S. degree in Interior Design at Philadelphia University, I was able to further develop my eye for detail, skill for designing functional spaces, and my passion for helping people's visions come to life. With professional experience in both commercial and residential interior design, I have realized that my passion lies in the down to earth, personal experiences where I am directly helping transform someone's experience with their home (while also protecting our planet!)

Three main principles are at the heart of my mission: Simplicity, Transformation, and Sustainability.  These principles guide my projects and vision for creating lasting, life-changing results for my clients. Clarity is not just about having an organized, functional space, it is about mindfully creating a more joyful and intentional life.

 - Sophia Warne Rowe, Founder

Member of the American Society of Professional Organizers, ASPO




We're willing to tackle the tough projects; from streamlining your organization systems for maximize flow and function, to helping you pare down unnecessary items  that are no longer a benefit. We won't push you to become a minimalist, but we will encourage you to focus on what truly brings you value and joy in your life. Often this goes hand in hand with letting go of the physical (and with it the emotional and mental) clutter; as well as establishing specific and realistic goals.


Our mission is to help you transform your mindset by working on building positive behaviors and organizing habits. We also  encourage reflecting on your current relationship with 'stuff' in order to create a clutter-free sanctuary that supports the best version of yourself and values. As your space is  reshaped you may just feel your own personal transformation - like a weight lifting off your shoulders and the freedom to start living the life you envisioned.


Whether you have a small project or a whole-house re-organize, we will work with you to adopt strategies specific to your lifestyle and needs. This way we can help you discover how to successfully maintain (and sustain!) your clutter free home. We also work with the environment and planet in mind and take pride in offering responsible donation / recycling services.  We also offer optional packages that facilitate a deeper dive into lower-waste living and more sustainable practices in the home.


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